3D Printed Homes In San Ramon

3D Printed Homes in San Ramon –

3D Printed Homes

It looks like automation is finally coming to the construction industry. These examples are accessory dwelling units, but that is just the start. Mighty Buildings has installed one in San Ramon and one in San Diego, with additional units awaiting delivery, and the attractions are fairly obvious. These homes can be constructed in half the time of conventional construction and the cost savings are just as great.

This is as much a story of materials science as it’s one about robots, according to a strory on ZDNet.com by Greg Nichols. The increased automation is thanks to a proprietary composite material used by Mighty Buildings’ 3D printers. The company can print more of the building structure than previously possible, including overhangs and roof structures. Robots help add interior and exterior finishes, while humans are left to do the detail work that’s still beyond the grasp of production-scale automation.

I find it fascinating to consider the possibility that we could see new homes constructed rapidly with this revolutionary construction method in San Ramon. Read the full article here on ZDNet.com