4 Low Cost Ways to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

4 Low Cost Ways to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Low-cost improvements that can make a big impression

Dining Room Light Ficture

Whether you’re planning to sell your home, or you want to make it more appealing to live in without breaking the bank, these projects will not only look good but offer a good return for your money, time and effort.

It’s no secret that, homeowners who continue to make improvements to their home will reap the benefits when they decide to sell. These are the homes that are far more likely to sell above their list price compared to those who don’t have any improvements.

Update your lights

Good lighting can transform any room in your home, and a visit to Home Depot or a browse of the Wayfair website will show you that attractive light fixtures are available at very affordable prices. A new modern ceiling light in a dining room, in particular, can make an unbelievable difference. Replacing old fixtures and adding dimmer switches are fairly simple upgrades that are well within the capabilities of many home owners, or if in doubt, hire a local handyman to help.

Replace your faucets

Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary look, updated faucets can make a strong design statement in your bathroom or kitchen. Again, if you haven’t been checking out what’s available lately, you may be pleasantly surprised. This is a job that may may be able to tackle yourself, although aagain, a competent handyman should be able to take care of it for a reasonable price.

While your at it, you may want to consider updating your shower fixtures. We’ve noticed that homes with rain showers, or an additional hand shower always have a great appeal to ptential home buyers.

Enhance your curb appeal

A freshly painted front door is one of the lowest cost, most transforming projects that you can undertake to boost your curb appeal, and if you’re thinking about selling, it can make a massive difference. A recent research study showed that homes with black painted front doors can sell for up to $6,000 more than similar homes.

If you are planning to sell your home, and it is in need of painting, you should certainly do that. A home that is not appealing on the outside will attract less showings resulting in a lower sale price.

Bring the outside in

The Covid-19 related restrictions have made people appreciate the space they have, and in many cases increased their desire for more space, especially outdoors.

Maximising the appeal of your outdoor areas can increase your enjoyment immensely, especially as we move into the warmer weather and lighter evenings. So just small improvements like clearing and power washing your patio and adding some color with some flowers in pots, hanging baskets etc. can create an outdoor room to enjoy. Also Replacing your old patio furniture with comfortable seating, and perhaps an outdoor heater are other things to consider.

At the same time, perhaps tidy the yard with mowing the lawn, planting some new shrubs etc. and adding bark in the borders. You may even want to take things further by installing a firepit or an outdoor kitchen. This is a great way to turn the space that you already have into an appealing outdoor living area.

If you carry out some, or all of these improvements, you will be not only adding value to your home but also making it a much more enjoyable place to live, all of which goes to improving your quality of life.