5 DIY Projects To Add Value To Your San Ramon Home

5 DIY Projects To Add Value To Your Home

Painted San Ramon Door

Homeowners across the country have been inspired to roll up their sleeves and jump into home improvement projects that could pay off when it comes time to sell.

Based on estimated costs from Thumbtack.com in collaboration with Zillow, these are some jobs that almost anyone can do to present their home in a better light. First impressions go a long way, especially since buyers are now spending more time searching online for homes. Listing photos always look better if the home appears well maintained and if the small things are taken care of, the assumption is that the bigger things that aren’t visible have been taken care of too.

Upgrade your Lights

Good lighting can change the atmosphere in your home. Replacing old fixtures with new ones and adding dimmer switches will go a long way in setting the right mood. You could even replace your fixtures with smart lights controlled by an app, then you could save on your energy bill and sell your home faster.

Paint Your Front Door (and More)

A glossy coat of exterior paint on the front door can amp up your curb appeal, and don’t neglect the hardware either. Bronze or black door handles etc. are popular and more and more people are appreciating the added benefit of a video doorbell such as those sold by Nest. Zillow research says homes with newly painted front doors can sell for up to $6,000 more than similar homes.

Take it a step further and paint the entire exterior to send a signal to a buyer that your home is well-maintained. Nothing does more to add to desirable curb appeal than a newly painted home.

Replace your Faucets

A shiny new faucet can elevate a bathroom or kitchen’s style. Make it a touchless faucet for added appeal, as COVID-era buyers increasingly look for smart features that will keep their homes germ-free. Faucet replacement is a typical handyman job and on average, you can expect to pay $205 to replace bathroom fixtures.

Landscape Smartly

A recent survey from the Harris Poll finds more outdoor space is the top reason people say they would consider moving as a result of social distancing recommendations. That’s why it’s more important than ever to spruce up your yard and create the functional, beautiful outdoor space buyers want.

If you don’t have a green thumb or the right tools, expect to pay $2,600 on average according to Thumbtack for a professional landscaping business to clean up your yard, which typically covers mowing, pruning, weeding, planting new flowers or shrubs, and adding new soil, mulch or bark dust. Homes with well-manicured yards can sell for 2.7 percent more than expected, according to Zillow research, so it’s often an investment well worth making.