What Is Your Home Really Worth?

With the advent of the Internet, Homeowners now have more options than ever before to find out what their home is worth. There are probably at least 10 different websites where you can enter the address of your home (and sometimes your phone and/or email address), and get an instant home valuation.

But the valuations are not all the same. How do you know which is right?

The likelihood is that most of them are not right. How can they be? How does an “Automated Valuation Model” know what kind of condition your home is in? Or what kinds of upgrades and improvements you may have made?

Automated Valuations just work off recent sales of similar homes in your area and the size of your home.

Now you can probably see why they may not be accurate and why they are not all the same. Each AVM has its own algorithm when determining what homes may be “similar” to yours. And none of them takes any upgrades or improvements into consideration.

We take A Different Approach

We’ll show you what an AVM thinks your home is worth, and we’ll also give you a number of options that will give you a much better “Real World” valuation of your home.

All of this is entirely without any obligation to use our services when and if you decide to sell.

(But don’t take it too seriously!)

Complete the form below and we will carry out a Competitive Analysis that takes sales of appropriate similar homes to yours that have sold recently. And unlike the AVMs, this will take upgrades and improvements into consideration, resulting in a good ball-park figure to predict what your home would probably sell for in today’s market.

This is not an automatic process. Expect to receive your Market Analysis within 24-36 hours by email.

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