Is water free in Amsterdam restaurants? (2024)

Is water free in Amsterdam restaurants?

by law in the Netherlands every place that serves alcohol is required to provide free drinking water. Further asking for tap water is completely normal. Normally tap water is available free, but you may have to ask for it. It is often served without ice, unless you ask for it.

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Can you get free water in Amsterdam?

Did you know that in Amsterdam there are more than 500 taps with free drinking water? The taps are available 24 hours a day. Grab a bottle and fill it up! You can find the taps in the Vondelpark, in the Museum Quarter, and in many other places throughout the city.

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Do you have to pay for water at a restaurant in Europe?

Most European restaurants have paid for water from a bottle or sparkling water, so the costs of buying bottled water are passed on to the customers. Plus, in general, waiters may find it rude to ask for a free drink when dining at their enterprise. After all, they are a business, and they are trying to make a profit.

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Can Americans drink water in Amsterdam?

Yes, the tap water in Amsterdam is safe to drink according to international standards. According to many Dutch people it's among the best in Europe. The local water provider Waternet continuously monitors water quality to ensure it meets high safety standards.

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Do you tip in Amsterdam restaurants?

'. This one is pretty simple to answer – the Dutch do not have a tipping culture as strongly-ingrained as much of the English-speaking world. In a bar, restaurant, or private boat tour in Amsterdam, provided the service was good, a tip of around 10% is appreciated but not automatically expected.

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Is tap water free in restaurants Netherlands?

Some restaurants do offer it for free, some give it for free when you ask but many prefer to sell bottled water. Unfortunately pretty common. They are not supposed to be allowed to do this but many places I eaten at will only do bottled water. No margin on water from the tap.

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Are toilets free in Amsterdam?

It is essential to know that there's nothing for free in the Netherlands; everything comes with a cost. If you want to use the toilet, pay for it; if you want to use the restroom, it's normal to pay.

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Why don t restaurants in Europe serve tap water?

Europeans, who are notorious water connoisseurs, generally pay to drink bottled water with their meals — for taste, not health. At restaurants, your server just can't understand why you wouldn't want good bottled water to go with your good food. Luckily, it's never expensive to order a half-liter of bottled water.

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Can Americans drink tap water in Europe?

Europe's Water Is Generally Safe

The tap water throughout most of Europe is completely safe to drink. The taps in hotels, homes, restaurants and cafés all run with potable water. Of course, there's always room for common sense.

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How do restaurants get free water in Paris?

Ordering bottled water can be pricey, especially in touristy areas. Luckily, there's a way to get water for free in any French restaurant: Instead of asking for de l'eau plate/gazeuse, s'il vous plait, ask for une carafe d'eau. This means “a pitcher of (tap) water”.

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Why does Amsterdam charge for water?

Residents of Amsterdam must pay a water authority tax (waterschapsbelasting). This tax is used to maintain dykes and waterways, as well as for water management and water purification.

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Can you drink tap water in hotels in Amsterdam?

Yes, tap water in the Netherlands is of high quality and is safe to drink.

Is water free in Amsterdam restaurants? (2024)
Does Amsterdam charge for tap water?

In Amsterdam, more than 500 free tap points are installed.

An interactive map of tap points in Amsterdam is made available by Waternet. Very useful when you're on the road!

How do you say thank you in Amsterdam?

1) Dank je wel / Dankjewel [ˌdɑŋk jə ˈʋɛl]

This is hands down the most popular way to say thank you in Dutch. You'll hear dank je wel used all over The Netherlands, and you'll see it spelled in two ways: dankjewel and dank je wel. Both are correct and pronounced the same way. Feeling extra casual?

Do restaurants in Amsterdam take cash?

many shops, cafes and restaurants don't accept credit cards? You can pay with cash or a debit card, and often with your phone via NFC (contactless payments), Apple Pay, or Google Wallet.

What is the dining etiquette in the Netherlands?

As people begin to eat, some may say "Eet Smakelijk” which means “Eat well and with taste”. It is polite to keep one's hands above the table until all have finished eating. It is recommended to take a small portion as your first helping, so you're able to accept a second helping. The Dutch tend to avoid wasting food.

Can Americans drink Netherlands tap water?

Yes. Tap water in the Netherlands has to meet very stringent biological and chemical safety requirements, and its quality is safeguarded through regular, strict monitoring.

Do Dutch people drink tap water?

The Netherlands has strict regulations and standards in place to ensure the safety and purity of its tap water. The drinking water in the Netherlands is carefully monitored and treated by water companies to meet these standards. Overall, Dutch tap water is considered safe and of high quality.

How do you order tap water in the Netherlands?

You ask for 'water uit de kraan' to order tap water. We always ask for it. We also prefer it above bottled water. Typically, Dutch people prefer tea when they wake up in the morning, and then switch to coffee around 10AM.

What is a Dutch toilet?

What is the typical Dutch toilet? The bowl has a unique shape which includes a sort of shelf, a little bit above the water level. Or as one of the students says in the video, there's an extra step, before the little pond at the bottom of your toilet.

Can you wear jeans in Amsterdam?

When contemplating your travel wardrobe, it's important to know that Amsterdam is casual, unlike cities like Paris. You will not be required to dress up; however, appearing presentable and sticking to the general color scheme of black, denim, army green, and tan will allow you to blend in with the locals' style.

How do you pay for toilets in Amsterdam?


The costs of a toilet visit are € 1,-. You can pay with coins as well as with pin.

Why do Europeans not use ice?

One explanation I've heard elsewhere, and which may hold some truth, is that Europeans see ice as taking up valuable real estate in the glass, so that they would feel cheated if they got too much ice and too little beverage.

Why do people drink bottled water in Europe?

Travel expert Rick Steves' guide to Europe explains that Europeans are infamous “water connoisseurs,” meaning that they prefer to order and pay for bottled sparkling water with meals for taste, not just to quench their thirst.

Which country has the safest tap water to drink?

Switzerland. Switzerland has been capable of achieving one of the cleanest and best tasting tap water among other countries in the world. Other than the tap water being safe, the quality of water is deemed quite good for drinking.

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