Forbes Mill Steakhouse

As we move towards the holiday season, this is a good time to think about going out for that special meal. And what better than dinner in a good, traditional American steak house? But where to go? While there are not as many choices as there used to be (I miss Vic Stewart’s), there are still a few, including a couple of recent additions.

Forbes Mill, Danville

Forbes Mill established itself as one of Danville’s best restaurants from the day it opened. With a great location in the Danville Livery, and plenty of parking, these advantages were obvious. What set it apart from others at the time though was the availability of Wagyu beef.  They are also one of a handful of restaurants in America that serve Certified Angus Prime beef. The ambiance is decidedly upmarket, while still being very comfortable and relaxed. In addition to steaks, Forbes Mill offers a good choice of seafood and pasta dishes.

Tomahawk, San Ramon

A recent addition to the restaurant scene, Tomahawk Steak, Chops & Seafood recently opened on San Ramon Velley Boulevard in a location previously occupied by Worth Ranch. Their specialty is a 32oz tomahawk ribeye steak.  This is a modern take on the steak house concept, so if you go, be prepared for a very lively atmosphere.  There is outdoor seating and live music at times. In addition to steaks the menu offers a few seafood and pasta dishes including, somewhat unusually for a steak house, fish and chips.

Ruth’s Chris, Walnut Creek

Perhaps the best known of all the steak houses in the area,  and a member of a chain of over 100 restaurants, Ruth’s Chris has built a reputation for great steaks over many years. The Walnut Creek location occupies a large space on the second floor of a retail center on Olympic Boulevard,  and has a fairly formal ambiance  compared to some others mentioned here.  The menu is typical of most steak houses, with a good choice of steaks and seafood together with a small selection of additional dishes.

LB Steak, San Ramon

Recently opened in the San Ramon Bishop Ranch City Center, LB Steak is far from the stereotypical, old-style, dark and dimly lit steak house. Although there is plenty of wood in evidence, the surroundings are bright and comfortable with full height windows overlooking a patio area with a number of outdoor tables. The menu has a wider selection than many steak houses, and like Forbes Mill, they offer Wagyu beef as well as Certified Angus Prime beef. An interesting item on the menu is a Wagyu Burger, bringing Wagyu Beef into the affordability range for some of us.

Flemings, Walnut Creek

Flemings is another steak restaurant that is one of a chain. With restaurants across the country, this, in many ways similar to Ruth’s Chris, is a traditional steak house with white tablecloths and plenty of seating including some booths. It also has a second floor location that is above Cost Plus on Mount Diablo Boulevard. The menu is also very similar to the one offered by Ruth’s Chris.

So where would you choose for that special steak meal?  Personally, I like Forbes Mill, although I’ve not yet had the chance to visit LB Steak and it certainly sounds very appealing. If you think I’ve missed any, please let me know at and I’ll do my best to feature any that you tell me about in a future article.