Five Tips For Creating A Dog-Friendly Yard


If you are a dog lover, you want to keep them safe, healthy and happy. And dogs do like to be outdoors. It therefore makes sense to do whatever you can to make your yard a good, safe environment for your furry friends, so here are five ideas for you to think about.

  • Remove anything that could be dangerous

Probably the most important tip of all – Dogs can be curious and could easily get into any tools you leave out in the yard. Make sure that you put away any  that you have been using for gardening or lawn maintenance so they can stay safe. Keeping such things in a shed or garage could be ideal. The same applies to any bags of fertilizer, weed killer etc. The last thing you want is for your dogs to get into anything that could cause them problems of any kind.

  • Add a water feature

Plenty of water is essential, so consider installing a water feature of some kind, possibly a splash fountain or stream, where your dog can help himself to a drink when he’s thirsty.

  • Avoid deadly plants

Many plants are toxic to animals (and also to humans). Check with your local nursery before buying new ones and examine what is growing in your garden and if you have any Lilies, Begonias, Daffodils, Chrysanthemums, or Irises, either take them out, or at least make sure they are out of reach for your pets.

  • Provide shade (or a doggy door)

Just like people, it doesn’t do dogs any good to be outside in hot, direct sun for too long. Make sure there are one or two shaded areas where your dog can get out of the sun, or even better, install a doggie door so your dog can retreat into the home when he is feeling over-heated.

  • Maintain your fences

Dogs can be very adventurous, and when they are allowed outside, it’s important to maintain a secure environment. A fully fenced yard is essential. Any gates should be self-closing for safety, and it makes good sense to periodically inspect your perimeter for any gaps or loose boards where an adventurous animal could take off on a new adventure. A secure fence can give your dog a place to exercise without the dangers of escaping or getting lost.