How A Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Sell Houses

How A Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Sell Houses

Covid-19 ModelThe introduction of the coronavirus has impacted everyday life in America in ways that would have previously been hard to imagine. And yet the ability of people to deal with new challenges has never been more apparent. Working (and schooling) at home, mask-wearing and maintaining social distancing are good examples of how we have adapted to such changing circumstances. How we buy and sell houses is another.
For many reasons, people need to be able to buy and sell houses, but most people soon accepted that doing things the old way would be completely irresponsible. So Open Houses were very quickly banned in our area, and how agents were allowed to promote homes for sale was quickly well-regulated. So for the past 9 months or so, agents have been adhering to some quite strict requirements when listing and selling homes for sale. The following is just a partial list of such requirements:

  • A ”Rules For Entry” document has to be posted at the entrance of the property. This is to educate any visitors on what is, and is not, allowable.
  • Sanitizers must be readily available to visitors on entry and must be recognized by the CDC as effective in combatting COVID-19 (e.g., at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol).
  • Agents conducting the showing should meet clients at the property and not drive them to the property.
  • Only a single agent and a “buying party” are to be in a dwelling at the same time during a showing. And under no circumstances should children enter the home.
  • Occupants should not be present during a showing.
  • Even though the buying party may have already been informed, the showing agent should remind them to maintain physical distancing during showings and to refrain from touching handles, switches, pulls, etc.
  • The showing agent must open doorways or other areas of ingress and egress prior to in-person property showings to minimize clients touching surfaces.
  • The showing agent shall follow cleaning and disinfecting protocols and provide sanitation products. and should clean and disinfect commonly used surface areas before and after each showing.
  • All people visiting the property must sign a declaration stating that they are doing so completely at their own risk.

In addition to the above, we have an online booking system in place that ensures that potential buyers have a set time period in which to view the home. By setting specific blocks of time aside for showings, this minimizes any inconvenience for the seller, while at the same time, maximizing seller safety.

All of this makes sure that only serious buyers are viewing homes for sale, and you could reasonably think that it would have the effect of making homes more difficult to sell, and possibly have a negative effect on home values. In practice, our experience is that this is certainly not the case.

Of all the homes we have listed for sale since this began, our viewing numbers have gone through the roof, and our listings have sold within a few days, well over list price, and with multiple offers.

So f you are considering selling anytime soon, please be aware that in addition to our highly effective marketing and promotion of your home, we are doing everything that we can to keep you safe during the process.