How To Safely Sell A Home During A Pandemic

How To Safely Sell A Home During A Pandemic

SOLD by Bernard & MichelleIn normal circumstances, safety is probably not uppermost in your mind when you list your home for sale, but in the present situation, it certainly should be. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize risks, and the state government and the California Association of Realtors, as well as the Realtor community have been working together to produce a set of directives that are working well. By understanding these directives, and by working with a Realtor who has a strategy that will go even beyond them, you can be assured that listing your home for sale in a pandemic is not as dangerous an activity as you may have feared.

 A number of people will be coming through your home during this time, and I don’t just mean potential buyers. Home inspectors, stagers, appraisers, photographers, possibly contractors, to name but a few.

Measures That Are Put In Place To Protect You

Anybody who is to enter your home has to provide a written assurance that they will follow a set of rules. These are itemized in a PEAD form, the Coronavirus Property Entry Advisory and Declaration. The signer states that they have no symptoms that could be Covid related and that they have had no known contact with anybody with such symptoms. Among other items, they undertake to wear a mask and observe social distancing as well as to avoid touching any surfaces that could transmit any virus. This approach works very well for the types of people mentioned above. By now they are all accustomed to signing the PEAD form and following all the procedures required. It’s all new to many buyers of course. That’s where Realtors come in.

Showings are by appointment only and agents must accept responsibility for ensuring that their buyers wear masks and follow all the rules. No more than two buyer plus an agent are allowed in the home at one time, and no children under any circumstances. The agent ensures that buyers do not touch anything and must disinfect any surfaces or items that may have been touched when they leave. This extends to doorknobs, countertops and more. Sellers have to be absent for showings and there can be no Open Houses.

It’s A Good Start But We Can Do More With Your Help And Co-operation

As listing agents, Michelle and I have developed an approach that goes far beyond all the above. We have successfully listed and sold a number of homes since we were hit with the pandemic and our primary concern is always the welfare of our clients. If you have any thoughts about listing your home for sale this year, please contact us any time, and we’ll show you how we can alleviate all your concerns.