Landscaping Can Have a Big Impact on Your Bay Area Home Value  

Cartagena Lane home landscaping

Home prices in the Bay Area surged within the last year for a variety of reasons, but according to a new survey of 1,250 licensed U.S. real estate agents, there’s one way to decrease your home’s value—neglect your home’s landscaping and hardscaping. In fact 75% of real estate agents say that poor landscaping and hardscaping have a large negative effect on home values.

There’s no question that landscaping elements like trees, grass, and flowers add a lot of visual appeal to a home, but many homeowners just don’t realize how their absence affects what a home is worth?

Much of it has to do with perception. Landscaping provides potential buyers with a first impression of your home. When they observe a neglected lawn, or a home without any additional curb appeal, potential buyers immediately get the idea that the home was not well-maintained. They set a value of the home in their mind based on that, and it’s usually not a good price. On the other hand, a neat, clean lawn puts the buyer’s mind at ease.

Hardscaping, which refers to all of the non-living aspects of an outdoor design, such as structural or decorative elements, is also important. Most real estate professionals agree that  a well-designed outdoor space is even more important now due to how much time families are spending at home. Exterior hardscape upgrades that allow for outdoor entertaining are becoming even more desirable as more homeowners began to entertain at home, and outdoors in particular, during the pandemic.

The landscaping elements that add the most value to a home (in order of added value) include grass, especially artificial grass, trees, and flowers. As far as hardscaping goes, recommendations include adding or improving decks, driveways, and an outdoor kitchen to add the most value.