Check out the photos. This is a home we recently listed and sold in San Ramon. The one on the left shows the kitchen as it was when we first saw it. Then with just a few days work it was transformed into the kitchen you can see on the right.

Preparation Is The Key

Note that no structural work was carried out here. The major improvement was changing out the old formica counters for quartz ones. Other than that, new paint and vinyl plank flooring were the only changes. This made the difference between a kitchen that many buyers would consider in need of expensive updating to one that would appeal to almost every buyer in it’s price range.

We didn’t stop at the kitchen, of course. Most of the rooms in the home were re-painted in the same color, and the vinyl plank flooring was continued through the main living areas. The bathrooms also had some minor updating. Other than that, some lighting fixtures were replaced, then just before the home went on the market we had it professionally staged using a mix of the homeowners furnishings and some rented items.

Is All This Effort Really Worth While?

It may not be as time-consuming as you would think. We keep a database of all kinds of contractors we know and use for this kind of job, so you don’t have the problem of identifying people to do the work. Our people are accustomed to working quickly and often at very short notice. We’ve used most of them for years, so they do good work at good prices and they pull all the stops out when they need to.

We schedule the work so it fits in with your life and your timescale. And we oversee everything to make sure all the work is completed as we expected. In most cases, you don’t have to move out of your home while the work is in progress and our Project Calendar ensures that you know what work is scheduled and when so there are no surprises.

Is It Really Cost-Effective?

All our sellers think so. We never recommend that you spend a dollar on improvements unless you can anticipate at least two dollars back. And in many cases, it’s been more like four dollars or more back for every dollar spent.

Most of today’s buyers want to get a home that is absolutely move-in ready and they are willing to pay a premium for a home that has the feel of a model home. So stylish kitchens and baths, up to date paint colors and flooring etc. all add tremendous appeal. If done well, this often results in a sale price much higher than would have been anticipated.

Although we can work as quickly as you can, it’s always best to have as much notice as possible so we can evaluate the most cost-effective improvements to make and create a project plan. It isn’t unusual for us to start this process many months before the home actually goes on the market, so if you are planning to sell this year, contact us now to discuss the next steps.

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