Planning To Sell Your East Bay Home This Year?    

Start Getting Ready Now With These Steps

The winter isn’t the most popular time to sell your home. But if you’re planning on selling in 2022, there are things you’ll want to take care of now so that your home is ready to list when the temperature starts rising—and the market starts heating up.

But what, exactly, are those things?

A recent video on outlined some  key steps that homeowners should take now to get their home ready to sell in 2022, including:.

Declutter. No one wants a messy, cluttered home—and if your home looks messy or cluttered to buyers, it could make them think twice about putting in an offer. Before you start showing your home, go through your things and get rid of anything you don’t want, use, or need. By decluttering and paring down your stuff, you’ll be able to better showcase how spacious your home is—which is a major selling point for buyers.

Focus on your landscaping. Curb appeal is incredibly important. You only get to make a first impression once—and if the first impression buyers get when they see your home is that your yard is out of control, it’s going to be hard to recover. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to take care of any landscaping needs (like trimming bushes, replacing mulch, or replanting grass) before you put your home on the market.

I would also add, fix anything that needs fixing. Taking care of any repairs or deferred maintenance will always pay dividends, and implies to potential buyers that this is a really well-maintained home; something that all buyers will fully appreciate.

Michelle and I will go over all these points with you when we meet to discuss selling your home of course, but if you can take care of a few of them, you will be well ahead of the game, and you can even get to take advantage of the changes you have made.