Some Unusual Requests Agents Have Received  

Real estate agents have a lot of responsibilities to their clients in the course of a transaction but sometimes our buyers and sellers come up with some weird and wonderful requests. Here are just a few examples from an inspection for ghosts to a request to adopt a dog.

This is an extract of an article by Libertina Brandt, real estate reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

The Dog Goes With The House

Matt Ward of the Matt Ward Group in Texas had a transaction where the seller wanted a clause in the contract that the buyers were to adopt their dog when they moved out.

The sellers were of the opinion that it meant more for the dog to stay living in the same house, rather than move with them and adapt to a new place. Apparently the dog was born in that house and they wanted it to live there until it died.

Inspecting For Ghosts

Seth Williams, a broker and co-founder of Massachusetts-based Ledge & Young Real Estate tells the story of a couple of buyers who were suspicious about a property that was very well-decorated.

After viewing the house, they said that they thought it could be haunted and they wanted to make it a condition of their offer that they could hire a home inspector who would search for ghosts at night. The seller wouldn’t agree to that so the sale didn’t come about. 

Returning Seller Digging Up Roses

Eva Lin of the Lin Realty Group in Pasadena talks about a seller whose home had a spectacular rose garden that she wanted to take with her when she moved.

The trouble was, she hadn’t bought a replacement home yet, so a condition of sale, which the buyers agreed to, was that she could come back after the completion of the sale, and dig up the rose garden and relocate it to her new home.

Checking Out The Facilities

Jason Simrad of the Sims Real Estate Group in Vancouver had a buyer client who wanted to thoroughly testing the bathrooms in a home before signing a contract.

The owner, surprisingly allowed it, and his client bought that home after making sure that he enjoyed every shower.

We don’t get requests like these every day, but it’s surprising what can come up during the course of a transaction. Rest assured that when we represent you as a buyer or a seller, we will do everything in our power to make everything go as smoothly as possible.