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Where Will Danville Build More Affordable Homes?

Danville Prospect Avenue

As a result of the State of California declaring a housing affordability crisis, the Bay Area has to create a plan to add more affordable housing in an eight-year period.

More locally, Danville is required to add 2,241 new homes in its plan. And this mandates adding housing regardless of available land capacity.

Do you want to have your say regarding where Danville’s next housing developments should be? You only have until Friday, April 8th to make your opinion known.

The Housing Element, a policy document mandated by the State of California, must identify where and how Danville will accommodate the housing needs for people of all income groups.

Danville residents are invited to provide input on where they think new housing should be located by dropping ‘pins’ on this online “Housing Site Suggestion Map.” Suggestions are to be evaluated against the California Department of Housing and Community Development site criteria.

If you want to take part, visit the Housing Site Suggestion Map Page and drop your pins.

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